Wind Mitigation Inspections
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What is a wind mitigation inspection and why do I need one?

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew had devastating affects on the insurance and housing industries. Florida Building Code underwent major updates around 2002/2003 that made significant modifications to the way houses are built. The code changes affected how the roof covering materials (shingles or tiles, for example) are attached. How the deck boards are attached. How the roof structure is secured to the walls of a home.

The Wind Mitigation inspection checks to see which of these features are implemented in your home. If you've had your roof replaced, what was done to bring your home up to or close to current standards? It's an assessment of risk that does one major thing for you: The more protection your home has to offer, the greater the discounts on insurance.

How long does a wind mitigation inspection take?

A wind mitigation inspection takes as little as 15 minutes and up to 45 minutes. The amount of time taken is dependent on whether or not you have hurricane shutters or impact windows installed on your home, alongside various other features that may qualify you for discounts on your insurance. In essence: The more features you have, the longer it will take. We need to provide evidence / proof of every feature we show that your home has.

How much does a wind mitigation inspection cost?

Our cost is $119 for a stand-alone (solo) wind mitigation inspection. If you bundle it with a 4-Point report, our cost is $169. You can Click Here to Schedule an Inspection at any time!

What is my insurance provider or lender looking for?

The wind mitigation encompasses the building envelope of the home. Essentially, the point is to see how well a home will hold up against wind and debris in a major storm. They use this information to calculate qualified discounts on your insurance policy.

  • How old is the roof? What is its overall condition?
  • Is the damage seen normal wear and tear or is the roof end of life?
  • Depending on when it was installed, does it follow current code for roof installation?
  • What type of nails are used to secure the deck boards and how many?
  • What type of nails are used to secure the roof covering materials and how many?
  • Is the roof a Hip roof, flat roof, or other type of roof?
  • Is there a waterproofing layer (SWR) between the roof covering material and the deck boards?
  • Are there any indications of leaks?
Doors / Windows
  • Do your doors and windows have protection ratings?
  • If so, what level of protection do they offer? Can they be verified?
  • Entry doors, garage doors, windows, skylights, and glass block are all checked