Our 4-Point & Wind Mitigation reports are written using the industry standard Citizens Insurance formats, which ALL insurance providers accept.

We publish reports the same day as your inspection so you can get insured as quickly as possible.

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4-Point & Wind Combo

Below are some frequently asked questions. Click on the question to view the answer.
How long does a 4-Point inspection take?
How long does a wind mitigation inspection take?
How much do these inspections cost?
What is included in a 4-Point report? What are you looking at?
Your insurance provider is ensuring that what they are insuring does not have major pre-existing conditions that are likely to lead to damage and expense. As a result, we inspect the four major systems of your home: The roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

In the end, a 4-Point is a fairly rudimentary inspection that is much less intense than a home inspection that you would expect to be performed when purchasing a home. The primary focus of these inspections is to look for major safety issues.
How long is the 4-Point inspection report valid for?
This question is complicated. There is currently no written rule or law that states how long a 4-Point inspection is supposed to be valid for. Some insurance companies want the report issued within a week of underwriting a policy, others will accept one that's a month old -- Sometimes even older. It's really up to the insurance carrier and what their policies are.

We always recommend submitting your 4-Point inspection reports to as many carriers as you intend on applying with as soon as possible after receiving your report.
4 Point Categories - Electrical Inspection
  • Is your main service entrance sized appropriately?
  • How old is the wiring? Has it been upgraded?
  • Does your home have active knob and tube?
  • Does your home have older aluminum wire and/or fittings?
  • Is your breaker panel overloaded?
  • Is your breaker panel recalled or manufactured by a company such as Zinsco or Federal Pacific?
4 Point Categories - HVAC Inspection
  • How old is the system?
  • Is it in good working order?
  • Does the condensate drain function?
  • Is the home primarily heated by a central system or by individual space heaters or fireplaces?
4 Point Categories - Plumbing Inspection
  • What is your plumbing material? Copper? PVC/CPVC? PEX? Polybutylene?
  • What is the condition of every shutoff valve/drain in your home?
  • How old is the water heater? Does it have a TPR Valve?
  • Are there signs of active (or past) leaks?
4 Point Categories - Roof Inspection
  • How old is the roof? When was it last replaced? Was it permitted?
  • If it was replaced, was it a partial or full replacement?
  • Are there any visible signs of deterioration such as cracking, cupping, excessive granule loss, etc..?
  • Are there any signs of hail damage?
  • Are there any signs of active or past leaks?
  • What about the condition of the interior ceilings?

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