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4-Point & Wind Combo


4-Point Inspection


Wind Mitigation Inspection


How long does a 4-Point inspection take?

The inspection takes about 45 minutes to an hour for most homes. We provide our reports same-day whenever possible, but sometimes things take some extra time - Especially if we need to reach out for further documentation, or verify the age/permitting status of certain things.

You can learn more about 4-Point Inspections HERE or about Wind Mitigation inspections HERE.

What about a wind mitigation? How long does that take?

The answer to this one is: It depends. On average, the wind mitigation portion of the inspection takes 15-30 minutes. Does your home have impact glass, storm shutters, impact rated doors, and other hurricane related features? If so, it may take a bit longer. We need to reasonably prove the ratings to qualify you for discounts on your insurance.

How much does a 4-Point and/or Wind Mitigation inspection cost?

Our cost is $119 for a stand-alone (solo) 4-Point or Wind Mitigation inspection. If you bundle the two together, our cost is $169. You can Click Here to Schedule an Inspection at any time!

What is my insurance provider or lender looking for?

Insurance providers want to see that the four major systems in your home are operational, safe, and in good condition. Those would be your Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Roofing systems. If you also have a wind mitigation performed, the inspection isn't a "pass or fail" as much as it is us trying to show the construction methods used to build your home to qualify you for discounts.

If we're being entirely blunt, this is the insurance industries way of making sure homeowners aren't using their policies as a home warranty, but instead as an insurance policy. Florida has the highest rates of homeowners insurance claims in the United States, and this is one method used to help prevent fraudulent claims.

Did you say discounts? What do you mean?

The Florida Unified Wind Mitigation form is utilized by insurance providers to qualify your home for discounts on your homeowners insurance policy. When you're provided with a quote, generally speaking (but not always), the quote is provided at the highest dollar value you will be charged. The wind mitigation form then helps reduce your annual cost by proving construction methods used that show your house is less susceptible to storm damage.

For example: If your home was built in the 1950's and uses older construction methods, you may not qualify for as many discounts as a home built since 2003. However, that doesn't mean you can't or won't qualify for insurance discounts! It's very common for roofing companies to make certain changes to bring roofs closer to current standards during a re-roof process. So while you may not get better than a toenail rating, you might have an SWR, 8D Nails on 6" Centers, and an appropriate deck board thickness that qualifies you for discounts elsewhere.

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